We are glad you’re here. If you’ve gotten here, you are probably a concerned parent, neighbor, or future student.

Why New In ’22?

Did you know that:

  • Towson High School was built in 1949, making it one of the oldest schools in the county.
  • It was last renovated in 1996, and the renovation was not adequately funded.
  • It is currently at 120% capacity, and projected to be at 137% capacity within the next five years.
  • THS was ranked the third-worst high school physical structure by Baltimore County’s own 2015 assessment.
  • Of the 5 high schools at the bottom of the list, 4 are slated for renovations. THS is not one of them.

And most importantly, and the primary reason for our group:

  • UPDATE: 9/19/17: Until recently, there were no plans for BCPS to address the known inadequacies of Towson High School.  While the BOE and County Executive have proposed planning money in the FY19 budgets, there is still much advocacy, work and collaboration ahead!

We need to continue the process of securing Planning and Design money so Towson is able to plan for much needed improvements.

Documents to Review

Here you will find documents/links relevant to BCPS and the Board of Education. Planning, projection, and funding documents that are good to review are here.